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Women Vote Launches Program Highlighting Scott Taylor’s Record of Only Looking Out for Himself

October 23, 2018

For Immediate Release
October 23, 2018

Women Vote Launches African American Radio Program Highlighting Scott Taylor's Record of Only Looking Out for Himself and His Corporate Donors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, EMILY's List independent expenditure arm Women Vote announced a radio program to communicate to African American voters that Scott Taylor has a record of only looking out for himself and his corporate donors. 

The ad can be listened to here and will begin running today.

“From an election fraud scheme to his vote to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, Scott Taylor has shown that he's out for himself and the corporate donors funding his campaigns,” said Christina Reynolds, vice president of communications at EMILYs List. “On November 6th, voters will choose between Elaine Luria, a retired Navy commander and small business owner who will fight for you, and Scott Taylor, a man who took thousands of dollars from drug and insurance companies while voting to cut health care protections and rig the election for himself. The more voters know, the more they'll see how clear the contrast is between these candidates.”

SCRIPT: “Rules”

Here in Hampton Roads, we all work hard and play by the rules.

So why doesn’t Congressman Scott Taylor?

Look at this election fraud mess – Scott Taylor’s campaign was caught trying to game the system to help himself – a judge even found “out and out fraud.”

Scott Taylor also took thousands from the drug and insurance industries.

And voted to gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

He even voted for an “age tax” on older folks, too.

Isn’t that something?

For Scott Taylor, the only rules that apply are the ones that benefit him and his donors.

Lucky for us, there’s another choice – Navy veteran Elaine Luria.

As a Navy officer, Elaine Luria spent her career fighting for her country  and now she’ll fight for us — jobs, education, affordable healthcare and an economy that works for everyone — not just those at the top.

We deserve leaders in Congress who will put us first.

Vote for Navy veteran Elaine Luria. She’ll have our back.

Women Vote is EMILYs List’s independent expenditure arm which works to educate and mobilize women voters on behalf of pro-choice Democratic women candidates, and help turnout voters for Democrats up and down the ballot. Launched in 1995, the EMILY's List Women Vote project combines polling and research, sophisticated message testing, the latest innovations in data and technology as well as good old-fashioned voter contact to mobilize millions of women voters across the country.