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Women Vote and House Majority PAC Announce $920,000 Joint Program in NC-08 Race

October 21, 2020

For Immediate Release
October 21, 2020

Women Vote and House Majority PAC Announce $920,000 Joint Program in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District Race

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Women Vote, the independent expenditure arm of EMILYs List, and House Majority PAC announced a $920,000 joint program in the race between Pat Timmons-Goodson and Congressman Richard Hudson. The ad exposes Congressman Hudson’s shameful record of voting against veterans. 

“At the same time as he voted to underfund the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Congressman Richard Hudson took in over a million dollars in taxpayer money,” said Melissa Williams, executive director of Women Vote “Hudson has failed to show up for North Carolinians – 272 times, to be exact. And on the occasions he decided to go to work, he voted against the interests of women and working families and in favor of stripping 23 million Americans of their health care. Congressman Hudson’s record is a disgrace, and North Carolinians will hold him accountable at the ballot box.” 

“It's a fundamental part of Richard Hudson's job, but he doesn't care enough to show up and vote,” said Abby Curran Horrell, executive director of House Majority PAC. “Richard Hudson's taken over a million dollars in taxpayer-funded salary, but he's skipped 272 votes. North Carolinians deserve a Representative in Congress who will show up to vote and show up to fight for them, which means it's time for a new Representative in Congress.”