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McSally Refuses to Denounce Trump’s “Shithole” Remarks

January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

Washington, D.C. — As Martha McSally enters the Arizona Senate Republican primary, Christina Reynolds, ​vice president of communications at EMILYs List, released the following statement:

“The day after Donald Trump's latest racist controversy, new Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally launched her campaign by praising Trump and supporting his un-American views. Arizona voters deserve better.”

“McSally's right-wing maneuvering is just another example of the costly divisiveness rocking Republican primaries across the country that will no doubt demoralize voters and force all of the candidates to take extreme positions that are out of touch and out of step with Arizona families.”

According to an AP reporter, when asked whether Trump's “shithole” comments were racist, McSally refused to denounce his remarks by saying, “I speak a little salty behind closed doors at times as well, so I'm not going to throw the first stone on using any language.” 

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