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EMILYs List Statement on Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day

October 1, 2020

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October 1, 2020

EMILYs List Statement on Native American Women's Equal Pay Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today marks how far into the year Native American women must work to earn what white, non-Hispanic men earned in the previous year for the same work.. In 2019, Native American women earned only $0.57 cents for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man made. On Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day, Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILYs List, released the following statement:

“Pay inequity is a systemic issue that reflects the erasure Native American women face every day and which continues to disproportionately affect women of color nationwide. In 2019, it took 22 months for Native American women to earn what white men are paid in 12 months. With more women with diverse perspectives at the table, we can work to create progress on policies that address these inequities.
In 2018, Rep. Deb Haaland and Rep. Sharice Davids made history as the first Native American women elected to Congress. We have the opportunity to make history again and elect more Native American women and women of color up and down the ballot this November, including the first Native American woman to ever serve in the U.S. Senate. As champions for women and families in their own communities, these women will continue to lead the fight onward to achieve pay equity..”

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