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EMILYs List Statement on Governor Sununu’s Latest Lies About Reproductive Care

June 21, 2021

For Immediate Release

June 21, 2021

EMILYs List Statement on Governor Sununu’s Latest Lies About Reproductive Care

Last week, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu lied about reproductive care in his attempt to defend his extreme and dangerous abortion ban. Sununu dismissed exceptions for rape, incest, and fatal fetal anomalies as “edge” issues and tried to justify his plan to force women to undergo mandatory ultrasounds. He also falsely claimed that Massachusetts and New York have the same abortion restrictions. Sununu’s comments come after over 200 health care providers signed a letter objecting to the ban. Emily Cain, executive director of EMILYs List, released the following statement in response:

“Gov. Sununu is an anti-choice governor. He knows that this abortion ban is dangerous and indefensible, so he has to rely on lies and mischaracterizations of reproductive care. New Hampshire’s medical community agrees: no one, especially not politicians in Concord, should interfere in decisions between patients and their doctors. But with an abortion ban that introduces criminal charges for providers, implements mandatory ultrasounds for patients, and refuses exceptions for survivors of rape and incest, Chris Sununu is denying patients the right to make their own choices and control their own bodies. If Gov. Sununu proceeds with this ban despite protests from providers and patients, Granite Staters will send him packing.”


Sununu Calls Mandatory Ultrasounds, Exceptions for Rape and Incest “Edge” Issues: “Some of the stuff around the ‘edge,’ the ultrasounds, what is an exception or not an exception those might be different … but it doesn’t go against my core tenet of not allowing abortions in those late months.” [COVID Weekly Briefing, WMUR, 7/17/21, 3:02]

Sununu Says Forcing Women to Have Ultrasounds Has Nothing to Do With Choice: “Being pro-choice or not pro-choice isn’t about whether you’re for mandatory ultrasounds or not mandatory ultrasounds. Those are two very completely different things.” [COVID Weekly Briefing, WMUR, 7/17/21, 1:26]

Sununu Repeats False Claim That Massachusetts and New York Have Same Provisions as His Abortion Ban: “Go talk to the folks in Massachusetts, go talk to the folks in New York, or any of the number of very liberal states that already have these core provisions in place. This is political, you guys are falling into political fodder.” [COVID Weekly Briefing, WMUR, 7/17/21, 1:56

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