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EMILYs List Election Guide

November 1, 2021

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Nov 1, 2021

EMILY's List Election Guide

Happy Election Day eve!

This year, EMILY's List has endorsed candidates in two federal special elections and one primary special election, as well as a total of 95 state and local candidates on the ballot tomorrow.

A full list of endorsed candidates by state can be found below and details on their candidacies can be found here

Federal candidates

  • Councilwoman Shontel Brown (OH-11) 
  • State Rep. Allison Russo (OH-15)  
  • Barbara Sharief (FL-20)

State and local candidates


  • Guyleen Castriotta (Broomfield mayor)


  • Brandi Gabbard (St. Petersburg City Council, District 2)
  • Lisset Hanewicz (St. Petersburg City Council, District 4)
  • Gina Driscoll (St. Petersburg City Council, District 6)


  • Felicia Moore (Atlanta mayor)
  • Natalyn Archibong (Atlanta City Council President)


  • Amara Andrews (Cedar Rapids mayor)


Boston City Council: All 13 Boston city councilors from the nine districts and four councilors at-large are up for election in 2021.

  • Lydia Edwards (Boston City Council, District 1)
  • Tania Fernandes Anderson (Boston City Council, District 7)
  • Kenzie Bok (Boston City Council, District 8)
  • Liz Breadon (Boston City Council, District 9)
  • Julia Mejia (Boston City Council, At-Large)
  • Ruthzee Louijeune (Boston City Council, At-Large)
  • Yvonne Spicer (Framingham mayor)
  • Ruthanne Fuller (Newton mayor)

New Hampshire:

  • Joyce Craig (Manchester mayor)
  • Shoshanna Kelly (Nashua Alderwoman at-large)
  • Palana Hunt-Hawkins (Rochester mayor)

New Jersey:

New Jersey Assembly: All 80 seats in the New Jersey General Assembly are up for election in 2021.

  • Caren Fitzpatrick (NJ Assembly LD-02)
  • Allison Eckel (NJ Assembly LD-08)
  • Sadaf Jaffer (NJ Assembly LD-16)
  • Patricia Veres (NJ Assembly LD-25)
  • Lauren Barnett (NJ Assembly LD-25)
  • Joann Downey (NJ Assembly LD-11)
  • Annette Quijano (NJ Assembly LD-20)
  • Lisa Swain (NJ Assembly LD-38)

New York: 

New York City Council: All seats on the New York City Council are up for reelection in 2021. The council is expected to be majority-woman for the first time in history.

  • Carlina Rivera (New York City Council, District 2)
  • Julie Menin (New York City Council, District 5)
  • Kristin Richardson Jordan (New York City Council, District 9)
  • Marjorie Velázquez (New York City Council, District 13)
  • Pierina Sanchez (New York City Council, District 14)
  • Althea Stevens (New York City Council, District 16)
  • Amanda Farías (New York City Council, District 18)
  • Sandra Ung (New York City Council, District 20)
  • Linda Lee (New York City Council, District 23)
  • Adrienne Adams (New York City Council, District 28)
  • Lynn Schulman (New York City Council, District 29)
  • Selvena Brooks-Powers (New York City Council, District 31)
  • Felicia Singh (New York City Council, District 32)
  • Jennifer Gutiérrez (New York City Council, District 34)
  • Crystal Hudson (New York City Council, District 35)
  • Sandy Nurse (New York City Council, District 37)
  • Alexa Avilés (New York City Council, District 38)
  • Shahana Hanif (New York City Council, District 39)
  • Rita Joseph (New York City Council, District 40)
  • Farah Louis (New York City Council, District 45)
  • Olivia Drabczyk (New York City Council, District 51)
  • Kathy Sheehan (Albany mayor)
  • India Walton (Buffalo mayor)
  • Kimberly Beaty (Erie County, NY sheriff)


  • Sharetta Smith (Lima mayor)
  • Kim Thomas (Richmond Heights mayor)


  • Paige Cognetti (Scranton mayor)
  • Antonetta Stancu (Bucks County district attorney)
  • Gina H. Curry (PA HD-164) 
  • Janet Diaz (Lancaster City Council)
  • Faith Craig (Lancaster City Council)

South Carolina:

  • Tameika Isaac Devine (Columbia mayor)


All seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for election in 2021. Virginia is also holding statewide elections for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general. Democrats currently hold a majority in the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate. In case of a tie vote in the Senate, the lieutenant governor acts as the tie-breaking vote.

  • Hala Ayala, (VA Lt. Gov)
  • Candi King (HD-02)
  • Wendy Gooditis (HD-10)
  • Danica Roem (HD-13)
  • Kelly Convirs-Fowler (HD-21)
  • Debra Gardner (HD-27)
  • Elizabeth Guzmán (HD-31)
  • Kathleen Murphy (HD-34)
  • Kaye Kory (HD-38)
  • Vivian Watts (HD-39)
  • Eileen Filler-Corn (HD-41)
  • Kathy Tran (HD-42)
  • Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (HD-45
  • Charniele Herring (HD-46)
  • Michelle Maldonado (HD-50)
  • Briana Sewell (HD-51)
  • Sally Hudson (HD-57)
  • Jasmine Gore (HD-62)
  • Lashrecse Aird (HD-63)
  • Katie Sponsler (HD-66)
  • Karrie Delaney (HD-67)
  • Dawn Adams (HD-68)
  • Betsy Carr (HD-69)
  • Delores McQuinn (HD-70)
  • Nancy Guy (HD-83)
  • Kim Melnyk (HD-84)
  • Irene Shin (HD-86)
  • Angelia Williams Graves (HD-90)
  • Martha Mugler (HD-91)
  • Jeion Ward (HD-92)
  • Shelly Simonds (HD-94)
  • Cia Price (HD-95)
  • Finale Norton (HD-100)


  • Lorena González (Seattle mayor)
  • Sarah Perry (King County Council, District 3)
  • Kim-Khánh Văn (King County Council, District 9)
  • Teresa Mosqueda (Seattle City Council, At-Large Position 8)

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