National group supporting Democratic women candidates drops $604K into Michigan House races

October 21, 2020

MLive: National group supporting Democratic women candidates drops $604K into Michigan House races
By: Lauren Gibbons

A national group known for backing Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights is investing heavily in Michigan state House races this cycle in an effort to flip the chamber.

EMILYs List announced Wednesday morning it had spent $420,000 on Michigan state House races this month, bringing the group’s total investment in Michigan races to $604,000. It’s the most EMILYs List has ever spent in Michigan’s state legislative races and is part of a national push to flip more state legislative chambers to a Democratic majority.

Michigan’s 110-member House chamber has had a Republican majority for the last several sessions, and Republicans in the House and Senate often present a united front against Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on policy matters.

Republicans are fighting to hang onto that power. Democrats, meanwhile, see an opportunity to wrest back the majority by hanging onto gains made in 2018 and flipping a handful of competitive seats. To win a majority, Michigan Democrats would need to flip four seats.

EMILYs List has endorsed 25 Michigan candidates around the state, several of whom are competing for seats viewed by Democrats as the best chances to flip.

In a statement, EMILYs List president Stephanie Schriock said the women candidates the group is supporting would “be the champions Michiganders need in the state House” by defending women’s rights and being a partner with Whitmer on the state’s COVID-19 response.

“With early voting in full swing and so much at stake for reproductive freedom and health care, we are confident that our historic investment will make the difference in the final push toward Election Day and help get our women over the finish line,” Schriock said.