Joe Biden endorses historic trans candidate Danica Roem in Virginia House of Delegates race

October 18, 2017

LGBT Weekly: Joe Biden endorses historic trans candidate Danica Roem in Virginia House of Delegates race

By Steve Lee

Former Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed Danica Roem in her run for the Virginia House of Delegates, a new milestone in her historic effort to oust anti-LGBTQ incumbent “Bigot Bob” Marshall. Danica’s race has garnered national attention for its symbolism – a trans woman running against the self-described “chief homophobe” of the Virginia state legislature – but would also be an important moment in the movement for trans equality. Danica would be the only out trans state legislator in the nation if elected on November 7.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden’s endorsement signifies the importance of this race not just to Virginia, but to the entire nation,” said Victory Fund President & CEO Aisha C. Moodie-Mills. “Danica Roem is transcending the divisive politics of today by knocking on doors and focusing on issues that will improve the lives of her constituents. Yet a win for Danica will also send a powerful message to elected officials nationwide: LGBTQ people will target and run against those who attack our community, and we will remove them from power.”

Biden’s endorsement of Danica’s “historic candidacy” noted its focus on strengthening the middle class and improving quality of lives for Virginians. Victory Fund first discussed Danica and other key endorsed candidates with Joe Biden’s American Possibilities PAC last summer. Victory Fund highlighted the historic nature of the race and provided a transcript of Danica’s speech from the Victory Fund National Champagne Brunch in May, where she spoke about meeting Joe Biden at his son’s funeral. At the funeral, Danica noted in her speech, she thanked Biden for his commitment to trans equality and for raising a son who also stood for equality, which he responded to by putting his arm around her and saying, “we mean it.”

The Biden endorsement provides even more momentum for Danica just three weeks before election day – and she continues to bring in endorsements from Victory Fund, Emily’s List and People for the American Way, in addition to other key organizations and state officials. Victory Fund first endorsed Danica during her Democratic primary race, where she bested three opponents to become the first openly trans person to win a primary for the Virginia House of Delegates. With a win in November, she will be the first openly trans person elected and to serve in a state legislature.