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Why I’m With Her

Women’s voices have shaped the story of the 2016 election. #WhyImWithHer is a series of essays in support of Hillary Clinton written by Alfre Woodard, Tracee Ellis Ross, America Ferrera, Constance Wu, Uzo Aduba and Zoe Kazan. 

America Ferrera, actor (“Ugly Betty”)

"I’m voting for Hillary because no candidate in this race has done more to empower this first-generation American millennial woman, raised by a single immigrant mother, and educated in public schools, to grow up and contribute back to society — even if I needed a free lunch along the way. She believes in the potential of a girl like me. And I believe in the potential of a president like her."
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Alfre Woodard, actor (“Luke Cage”)

"Hillary recognizes that we are the American family, in an abundance of flavors. That's what makes us strong. And when you move Family forward, you move the Nation forward. Throughout this race, I’ve been voting for her with my voice, my activism, and my faith, and on election day, with great joy, I will vote for her with my ballot. Come on, No Sistah left behind!"
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Constance Wu, actor (“Fresh Off the Boat”)

"I passionately support Hillary Clinton for President because she has devoted her life to public service and has been willing to learn and change along the way by listening to the people she serves."  
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Tracee Ellis Ross, actor (“Black-ish”)

"I do believe Hillary is the most qualified nominee in our country’s history. She has faced adversity, lost with dignity, and remains tireless in her quest to help others. She fumbles and gets back up stronger... Let us harness the joy and excitement that we are all feeling and elect the first woman president of the United States of America! On Nov. 8, let’s make history."  
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Zoe Kazan, actor (“Olive Kitteridge”)

"I like Hillary Clinton. I think she is the most qualified person to be president of the United States, and I am heartened that — partially due to the success of Bernie Sanders' campaign — she is running on a fairly liberal Democratic Party platform. I also think that, with her A-student personality, her attention to detail and desire to create actionable plans, she will make an excellent commander-in-chief."  
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Uzo Aduba, actor (“Orange is the New Black”)

"Hillary Rodham Clinton is a resilient public servant seeking the highest seat in the land. As a young girl sharing time with my mother, it is wonderful to witness this same woman who had encouraged myself and so many others to pump up the volume on our own lives, to now be empowering and impacting yet another generation. It's a testament to her strength. It is an illustration of her commitment to this country, and it proves to each of us just how ready this First Lady, this Senator, this Secretary of State is to lead."  
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Yara Shahidi, actor (“Black-ish”)

"Of course, there is so much more to tackle and the journey is continuing, but I am confident that with Hillary Clinton, my generation has an ally. The race is not over. Our feet must keep running. Hillary is blazing a trail for women to be treated equitably, so we young women and girls can continue deepening our understanding that we are worthy and that one day we, too, can be the president. "  
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