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Don’t Just March, Run!

Learn how at our “Getting Ready to Run” training in D.C. on January 22nd

There’s a reason why women are taking to the streets to protest the new president. His dangerous agenda is set to hurt women the most, and we know it’s up to us to fight back against the xenophobia and misogyny that fuels his administration. Strong, progressive women must fight back. EMILY’s List is thrilled to join the incredible activists who are organizing the historic Women’s March on Washington. From the streets to the ballot box, women: it’s time for us to step up and lead the way.

If you're marching in D.C., you know the power of activism. Put that power to work taking over the ballot. We can show you how: SIGN UP

Our ability to own our futures, plan our families, and support our children and ourselves is at stake. That’s why this year, we will step up to run.

Local offices are ground zero for legislation aimed at stripping our rights, disenfranchising progressive voters, and ensuring a Republican majority for generations. We need to stop it. We need women running for every office at every level. We need you talking to your neighbors, organizing your communities, debating your opponents, changing the conversation — and winning.


The world of political campaigning can seem a little unruly for someone who hasn’t done it before. But like anything, the more you know, the better the decisions you can make. We run trainings for women ready to wage and win campaigns that put them in office and empower them to drive change.

EMILY’s List has over 30 years of experience breaking down barriers, teaching women candidates the skills they need to run and win, and putting progressive women in office.

EMILY’s List is partnering with the Latino Victory Fund, Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, The New American Leaders Project, Higher Heights for America, the Asian American Action Fund, and Emerge America to hold a training that will give potential first-time candidates the tools they need to launch a successful campaign.

This fight may start in the streets, but it’s going to end at the ballot box. Let’s bring our army to both.

Sign up for our candidate training in Washington, D.C. on January 22nd.


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