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EMILY’s List Endorses Lisa Blunt Rochester for Congress in Delaware’s At-Large District

January 29, 2016

EMILY’s List Endorses Lisa Blunt Rochester for Congress in Delaware’s At-Large District

Poised to be First Woman and First African American Elected to Congress in Delaware

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Lisa Blunt Rochester, who’s running to represent Delaware’s at-large district in Congress and continue her lifelong fight for women and families. 

“Lisa Blunt Rochester is a progressive champion for Delaware women and families,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY's List. “Lisa is a dedicated public servant who has fought tirelessly to increase economic opportunity for First State working families – and she has shattered several glass ceilings along the way. The EMILY’s List community of over three million members is excited to endorse Lisa’s historic campaign to move Delaware forward.”

Lisa Blunt Rochester grew up in Wilmington, Delaware in a family with a strong tradition of public service, and she has dedicated her life to helping women and families get ahead. Lisa began her career as a caseworker for then-Congressman Tom Carper, aiding Delaware families facing challenges that included Social Security issues, IRS disputes, and housing needs. In 1998 Lisa made history as Delaware’s first African American woman secretary of labor. She focused on connecting employers to resources and jobseekers, and helped those on welfare or leaving Delaware prisons find job opportunities. After Lisa was appointed state personnel director in 2001, she was commissioned to investigate the Delaware State Police for racial and gender discrimination. She collaborated with local and national experts on public safety and civil rights to create a report that served as a roadmap to improving the relationship between the state police and the communities they serve. Lisa has also served as the CEO of the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League – a community-based organization that provides direct services to people of color through programs, advocacy, and research. When elected, she will continue her life’s work of expanding opportunity for all First State working families.

Lisa worked to provide critical services to some of the most vulnerable people in her state during her six years as Delaware’s deputy secretary of health and social services, and when elected she will fight tirelessly for women and families whose voices aren’t heard in Washington.  When Lisa served as a special policy advisor on family issues to Governor Carper, she helped create and coordinate the state Family Services Cabinet Council. When elected, she will champion policies that help women and families have a fair shot. Lisa is the proud mother of two children who both graduated from Delaware’s public schools. Like many parents, she knows from experience just how high the cost of education has risen, and when elected she will fight to increase educational opportunities and to make college affordable and accessible for students working toward a better future.


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