Yadira Caraveo

  • U.S. House
  • Colorado
Image of Yadira Caraveo.

A pediatrician and an accomplished legislator

Rep. Yadira Caraveo is a pediatrician and an accomplished legislator who serves in Congress to continue her life’s work of advocating for children and families. Dr. Caraveo’s parents came to Colorado from a small town in Mexico looking for a better life, and raised their four children on a construction worker’s pay in the Adams County home where they still live. She knew from an early age that she wanted to help people as a doctor. After attending public schools and completing her undergraduate education, she continued on to medical school at the University of Colorado and became the first physician in her family. Dr. Caraveo chose to be a pediatrician in Adams County, serving a Latino community whose families are often unable to find providers who speak their language and understand their culture. She quickly understood that the best way to help the most people is through the community, state, and national movements that advocate for the needs of the underserved, and so she ran for the Colorado General Assembly in 2018 and won. In 2022, she was elected to Congress. As a pediatrician, a former state legislator, and the daughter of immigrants, Dr. Caraveo brings invaluable lived experience to Washington.

A champion for Coloradans

Rep. Caraveo has lived the American Dream, and she is fighting to keep it alive for the next generation. “My parents taught us that when it comes to your community, you work hard and you lend a hand whenever you can,” she has said, and she has put values into action throughout her career. Even before she finished her medical training, Dr. Caraveo helped organize her fellow medical residents for better working conditions, becoming a union representative with SEIU. She has worked with the ​​Union of Concerned Scientists to enlist doctors across the country in the fight against climate change, and President Obama recognized her as a Champion of Change for her efforts. Dr. Caraveo is deeply committed to expanding access to affordable quality health care. In Congress, she is building on her work to lower health care costs, addressing the high cost of housing, combating climate change, fighting for reproductive justice, and fighting back against Republican attempts to take away Americans’ right to vote.

A must-win reelection fight

In 2022, Rep. Caraveo was elected to represent Colorado’s 8th Congressional District, newly created due to the state’s population gains in the past decade. Colorado had never

before elected a Latina to Congress until she made history as the first. Her years of service and deep ties make her a powerful advocate for this community in Washington. Let’s show Dr. Caraveo our full support and help reelect this champion for Coloradans in this must-win district.