Sarah Elfreth

  • U.S. House
  • Maryland

Committed to Serve

Sarah Elfreth was raised by working class parents who were both union-members and taught her the value of hard work and public service. As a product of the public education system, Elfreth developed a passion for making her community a better place. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Towson University in 2010. In 2012, Elfreth earned her Master of Science degree in public policy from Johns Hopkins University, where she worked as a research assistant in the Office of Government and Community Affairs from 2010 to 2012. In 2018, Sarah Elfreth became the youngest woman elected to the state Senate in Maryland history. Within her first six years in office, she has passed 91 bills into law on issues that impact Maryland families. Elfreth lives in Annapolis with her dogs, Hoosier and Ollie, where she enjoys hiking, being on the water, and collecting oyster plates.

Access for All Marylanders

Elfreth continues to work for Marylanders by ensuring that they have access to natural resources, quality education, and economic opportunities – which remains consistent throughout her public service. She is a champion for expanding prenatal care, helping veterans with PTSD, and protection of the Chesapeake Bay. Elfreth has spent her career getting things done and has fought to protect abortion rights by securing funding for security at abortion clinics and expanding training for providers.  As leader of the Maryland Senate’s budget committee, Elfreth oversaw tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer investments in transportation, environmental, and public safety programs. She is committed to quality education for students by addressing concerns from parents about overcrowding. She believes Marylanders should have access to affordable housing and advocates for farmers to stay in business. Outside of the Maryland Senate, Elfreth is a member of the tri-state Chesapeake Bay Commission, she helps coordinate state and federal efforts to clean up the Bay.

A Must-Hold Seat to Take Back the U.S. House

Elfreth is seeking election to Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, which is currently represented by Democratic Rep. John Sarbanes. This seat was also previously held by one of EMILYs List’s first ever endorsed candidates, former Senator Barbara Mikulski. We must elect Elfreth to the U.S. House to fight against Republican extremists working to strip away our fundamental freedoms and abortion access. It is imperative that Elfreth is elected and EMILYs List is thrilled to support her during this election.