Nancy Goroff

  • U.S. House
  • New York

A Dedicated Long Islander

Nancy Goroff is an advocate, non-profit founder, and former chemistry professor running to flip New York’s 1st Congressional District blue and ensure her community’s reproductive freedom is never taken away. As the daughter of small business owners, Goroff knows firsthand the importance of good-paying jobs and economic innovation. She taught chemistry at New York’s Stony Brook University for two decades and founded Long Island Strong Schools Alliance, a non-profit organization that advocates for local public schools and kids. Goroff lives in and raised her two children in Suffolk County, and she is ready to work in Congress to deliver results for her community. She was first endorsed by EMILYs List in 2019.

Fighting for the Issues that Matter to NY-01

All her life, Goroff has advocated for small businesses, accessible health care, quality public education, and fighting climate change. While chair of the chemistry department at Stony Brook, her department secured over $22 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund two Energy Frontier Research Centers that improve renewable energy production and storage. Goroff is also a staunch pro-choice champion committed to fighting for our fundamental rights. “Overturning Roe doesn’t just threaten abortion access,” she has said. “I’m running for Congress to restore reproductive freedom for all.”

A Critical, Must-Flip Seat

New York’s 1st Congressional District is currently represented by anti-choice extremist Rep. Nick LaLota, who enthusiastically celebrated millions of Americans being stripped of their reproductive freedom when Roe v. Wade was overturned. LaLota has spent his first term in Congress voting for anti-choice legislation and supporting Speaker Mike Johnson’s radical agenda to ban abortion nationwide. The 1st Congressional District is a critical flip seat for Democrats to take back the U.S. House — and Goroff is the candidate to do it. Let’s show her the full support of the EMILYs List community and get her over the finish line in November.