Kathy Manning

  • U.S. House
  • North Carolina

A champion for North Carolina working families

Rep. Kathy Manning is an experienced leader who ran for reelection in North Carolina’s newly redrawn 6th Congressional District. Her great-grandparents came to the United States fleeing religious persecution, and she has said she was “raised with the understanding that I have an obligation to give back.” After graduating from Harvard University and the University of Michigan Law School, Rep. Manning moved with her husband to his hometown of Greensboro, NC in 1987, where they have raised their three children. A former immigration attorney, she left the major law firm where she had been a partner for 15 years to start her own practice. Rep. Manning has worked tirelessly to serve others and was the first woman to lead one of the largest charitable, faith-based organizations in the world, The Jewish Federations of North America. She also helped those who lost their jobs during the Great Recession access food, health care, mortgage assistance, and job retraining. A powerful advocate for North Carolinians, she has worked to provide school readiness programs for vulnerable children, to help students in her community access higher education, and to help seniors live with dignity.

An experienced leader fighting to expand economic opportunity

Rep. Manning is working to expand economic opportunity and to help create good-paying jobs so that all North Carolina working families can thrive. During her first term in Congress, she voted for aid to help get COVID-19 vaccines to communities and to ensure that families and small businesses have the resources to rebuild from the pandemic, and she supported the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Manning has introduced bills to make health care more affordable, to lower the cost of prescription drugs, to create jobs and bolster United States manufacturing, and to invest in education.

Victory in a must-win newly redrawn district

In 2019, facing pressure from the North Carolina Supreme Court, lawmakers in the state were charged with redrawing illegally gerrymandered congressional districts that heavily favored Republicans in this purple state. The Republican incumbent chose not to seek reelection in the newly competitive 6th District, and Rep. Manning went on to win the open seat. Court-appointed special masters redrew the boundaries of this district again, and Rep. Manning successfully fought to defend this seat and continue to ensure that her community has a powerful voice in Congress. We showed Rep. Manning the full support of the EMILY’s List community and helped keep this champion for North Carolina families in the House.