Jill Tokuda

  • U.S. House
  • Hawai'i
Image of Jill Tokuda.

A devoted public servant for Hawai’i’s families

Rep. Jill Tokuda is a devoted public servant with a record of distinguished leadership. Tokuda was endorsed by EMILY’s List in 2006 in her initial run for Hawai’i’s state Senate, where she proudly served for 12 years. During her time in the state Senate, she chaired the Ways and Means, Labor, Education, Higher Education, and Agriculture and Hawaiian Affairs committees while also serving as majority whip. Tokuda is a champion for Hawai’i’s students and families: in office, she prioritized Hawai’i’s children and their families by expanding access to preschool and college education. She is also skilled at managing budgets: after her time in the state Senate, she took the lead working with state and county officials to track billions in federal funds coming into Hawai’i for pandemic relief. She lives with her husband, Kyle, and their two sons in a multi-generational household in Kaneohe, Hawai’i, where their sons attend the same public schools as Tokuda and her husband did.

A pro-choice champion ready to defend reproductive rights

Tokuda is prepared to fight for the people of Hawai’i in Congress, just like she did in the state Senate. While in office, Tokuda introduced bills that required hospitals to carry and offer emergency contraception for assault victims and that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. A pro-choice champion, She is committed to protecting reproductive freedom, to addressing the rising cost of living for working families, and to increasing access to affordable housing and health care, including mental health care. Tokuda is a proven advocate for Hawai’i’s families.

Victory in a critical race for an open seat

Tokuda ran to represent the open seat in Hawai’i’s 2nd Congressional District and won. We showed Tokuda the full support of the EMILY’s List community and helped elect this pro-choice champion.