Senior Leadership

Stephanie Schriock, President

Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY's List, has been described as "inspirational," a "star in American politics," and "a spectacular campaign manager." All of this, and she can make Senator Al Franken laugh while she's doing it.

Ellen Malcolm, Founder and Chair of the Board

As the founder of EMILY’s List, Ellen Malcolm has helped level the political playing field for women candidates; given women donors unprecedented influence in electoral politics; brought millions of women voters to the polls; and created a powerful movement dedicated to restoring progressive values to American government.

Leigh Warren, Chief Administrative Officer

Leigh Warren is the Chief Administrative Officer at EMILY’s List, overseeing the Human Resources, Finance & Compliance, and IT functions of the organization.

Denise Feriozzi, Political Director

Denise Feriozzi is the Political Director at EMILY’s List, leading efforts to recruit, train and elect pro-choice Democratic women at the state & local level, strengthening our partnerships with progressive groups and the state and national level, directing the WOMEN VOTE! project and overseeing research on women’s leadership and political participation.  

Jess McIntosh, Communications Director

Jess McIntosh is the Communications Director at EMILY’s List, working on behalf of pro-choice Democratic women candidates and to bring EMILY’s List to new audiences everywhere.

Jonathan Parker, Campaigns Director

Jonathan Parker is the campaigns director at EMILY’s List, leading the department that works directly with pro-choice Democratic women candidates across the country at the federal and gubernatorial level and advising the EMILY’s List president on politics and strategy regarding these campaigns.

Amalia Stott, Development Director

Amalia Stott is the Director of Development at EMILY’s List. She leads the department that raises millions of dollars for EMILY’s List candidates and the political programs that help elect pro-choice Democratic women at the local, state and federal levels.

Kate Black, Research Director

Kate Black spent the 2012 election cycle managing the research department at EMILY’s List as Deputy Director for Research and Communications, where she conducted first-of-its kind research on the impact of women in office. Previously, Black worked in research and communications at the DNC, SEIU, and Hillary Clinton for President.


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