Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EMILY?

EMILY is actually an acronym – it stands for "Early Money Is Like Yeast," because it makes the dough rise. When Ellen Malcolm founded EMILY's List in 1985, she knew that early money was one of the key ingredients to a successful campaign, but that it was missing for most women who wanted to run for office. So she brought together supporters who wanted to get more women into office and make history!

Over the years, EMILY's list has helped elect 86 pro-choice Democratic women members of Congress, 16 senators, 9 governors, and hundreds of women to state and local office.

WHAT does EMILY’s List do?

EMILY's List is a national organization dedicated to electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.

  • We identify and recruit smart women candidates to run for office at every level. We recommend federal and gubernatorial candidates to our members for support. Our Political Opportunity Program helps women running for state and local office.
  • EMILY’s List members provide critical financial support for our candidates around the country, and 100 percent of contributions made through EMILY’s List go directly to the candidate’s campaigns.
  • We offer training seminars – run by the best political operatives in the country – to teach candidates and their campaign staff the finer points of grassroots organization, media and messaging, and fundraising.
  • We’re a full-service political organization. Our top-notch political team stays in constant contact with our candidates – assessing campaign infrastructure and providing ongoing strategic guidance.
  • We do not lobby our candidates once they are elected.

EMILY’s List mobilizes women voters to help elect Democrats up and down the ticket and across the country.

We run sophisticated, grassroots WOMEN VOTE! programs in key states to turn out women voters for pro-choice Democratic women candidates and the entire Democratic ticket. We conduct groundbreaking research to better understand women voters’ attitudes, perceptions, and actions and identify challenges and opportunities for candidates.

HOW does EMILY's List work?

Using a rigorous selection process, EMILY's List finds and recommends the top Democratic women candidates for the House, Senate, and governor to our more than 1 million members across the country and asks them to give directly to these women’s campaigns.

EMILY’s List members get detailed profiles about each candidate’s views, backgrounds, and campaigns — and we let them decide whom they wish to support. 100 percent of members’ contributions go directly to the campaigns, providing maximum political impact and delivering a bigger cash boost for our candidates.

Here’s the kind of impact EMILY's List and our members can have: A member from California learns about a pro-choice Democratic woman running in Michigan, or Rhode Island, or Arizona, and connects with that candidate on key issues. That candidate earns a supporter who might not otherwise have heard of her. It’s grassroots organizing on a personal level. And as any EMILY’s List candidate will tell you, it works.

How can I get INVOLVED?

It’s easy to get involved with EMILY’s List. Right now, you can:

Become a member. Join EMILY's List by contributing directly to EMILY's List and pledging to contribute to two or more recommended candidates. As a member, you’ll receive regular updates on key campaigns and up-and-coming candidates, and breaking political news. You’ll receive invitations to events across the country honoring our candidates, members of Congress, and governors. Become a member today.

Join our online community. Keep up with all of the goings on at EMILY’s List by signing up for our email list, becoming a fan of EMILY’s List on Facebook, commenting on our blog, or following us on Twitter. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be looped in to the latest on EMILY's List news.

Looking to do more? You’ve come to the right place. Here at EMILY's List, you can:

Submit your resume for a campaign job. The EMILY’s List Job Bank connects graduates of our training program and other experienced political professionals with Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations across the country. Our Campaign Staff Training Department provides support and information to Job Bank participants to help them find jobs that capitalize on their talents.

To submit your resume to the Job Bank and sign-up for a weekly email with job postings and opportunities, please click here.

Intern at EMILY’s List. Do you have excellent written and oral communication skills and computer proficiency? Do you also have an insuppressible drive to change our country? By interning at EMILY’s List, you too can help change the face of power! We offer full- and part-time internships in nine departments.

Are there LIMITS to how much I can contribute?

EMILY's List. EMILY's List can accept $5,000 from an individual in a calendar year to make contributions to federal campaigns and programs. However, EMILY's List can accept unlimited individual contributions, which can be used support our other campaigns and programs.

Candidates. Under federal law, individuals may contribute a maximum of $2,600 per election -- primary, general, or runoff -- to candidates for federal office (U.S. House, U.S. Senate, or president). State laws dictate contribution amounts to candidates running for governor and other state and local offices. When donating through EMILY’s List, maximum amounts for each candidate are listed as the highest suggested giving amount.

Please note that contributions to EMILY’s List are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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