Supporting Campaigns

When women candidates win, women and families win. Our pro-choice Democratic women in the House and Senate have successfully blocked jaw-droppingly draconian anti-choice measures and helped pass historic progressive, pro-family policies. Our Democratic women governors have led the charge on education, health care and voter rights reforms.  

EMILY’s List’s work to support our women candidates starts at the beginning. It’s the top-to-bottom and start-to-finish support that has helped candidates up and down the ballot wage and win some of the toughest, closest campaigns in history.


We don’t sit back and wait for candidates to emerge – we go and find them. We talk to local officials, we research up-and-coming community leaders, and we hit the road to identify and recruit pro-choice Democratic women to run for House, Senate and governor – while building a “farm team” of locally elected women who fight for our values and are ready to run for future federal and statewide offices. 

Campaign Support

Our smart and seasoned political professionals interact early and often with candidates and their campaigns, helping them develop and execute winning fundraising, communications and mobilization strategies. Our EMILY’s List political team is currently advising nearly four dozen women candidates running to take back the House and hold the Senate in 2012 – and we’re training dozens of campaign staffers to help make it all happen.

Special Elections

Just as we don’t wait for candidates to emerge, we don’t wait for November to roll around, either. EMILY’s List has aggressively recruited and supported special election candidates in 2011 and 2012; three out of four of our special election candidates – New York’s Kathy Hochul, California’s Janice Hahn and Oregon’s Suzanne Bonamici  – won hard-fought victories and now serve in the U.S. House.

Candidate Fundraising

Member contributions have long made the winning difference for our candidates – and we’re constantly innovating and working to give our community more and earlier opportunities to support our terrific pro-choice Democratic women. Our fully interactive website allows for quicker direct contributions and 100% of our members’ contributions go directly to the campaigns, giving our candidates the resources for quick responses to GOP attacks, expanded get-out-the-vote efforts and more.

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