Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis

  • An inspiring national heroine
  • An against-all-odds story of grit and service
  • A state that holds the key to the future of the Democratic Party

The filibuster watched 'round the world

“Courageous.” “Inspiring.” “Gutsy.” These words have become nearly synonymous with state senator and women’s rights heroine Wendy Davis, whose 13-hour filibuster against sweeping and sinister anti-choice legislation in Texas  was cheered around the country. Forbidden from eating, drinking, sitting down, using the restroom, or speaking off-topic, Wendy fiercely championed the women and families who would be devastated by the onerous bill – blocked successfully that night but later passed during a special session called by right-wing, would-be presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry. The Twittersphere exploded – with President Obama, members of Congress and celebrities alike all showing their support – and a gubernatorial campaign was born!

an inspiring personal story

Wendy’s courageous stand last June is emblematic of her against-all-odds rise to public service and national prominence. By age 14 she was working after school to help her single mother support her three siblings. At just 21 she was divorced and a single mom herself – but worked two jobs, put herself through community college and Texas Christian University before being accepted to Harvard Law School. After graduating with honors, Wendy practiced law and won election first to the Fort Worth City Council and then to the state Senate. Ever grateful for the opportunities afforded her by quality public schools, community colleges, and student loans,  Wendy has fought tirelessly to restore Perry’s drastic education cuts,  boost teacher benefits and reform Texas’s standardized testing system. An unwavering advocate for veterans, sexual assault survivors, consumer protections, and voting rights, Wendy is also keeping up the fight for women’s health – as clinics across Texas begin closing their doors under Perry’s restrictive new law.

a chance to help elect an ideal successor to the late gov. ann richards' legacy

While the Lone Star State hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office since 1994, Texas Democrats are hailing Wendy as an adrenaline shot to the party. Indeed, she starts the race with a higher favorability rating than her likely opponent, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, and her fundraising is off to an impressive start. Make no mistake – we’re in for a fight. Abbott has already banked $20 million, and the right wing’s attacks on Wendy – which so far have included gruesome and sexist “Barbie” slams – have been appalling. But Wendy is well-positioned to harness outrage coming out of this particularly anti-family GOP state legislative session while attracting support from women voters and the state’s growing Hispanic population.  Wendy stood strong for women everywhere – now it’s our turn to stand with her, and help elect the best successor to Ann Richards’s legacy the late, great governor could have imagined.


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