Elizabeth Esty

Elizabeth Esty

  • A leader working to expand economic opportunities for all
  • A vocal advocate for gun safety following the tragedy at Newtown Elementary
  • A dedicated public servant with a record of bipartisan success


A champion for women and families 

EMILY’s List helped former state Representative Elizabeth Esty win in this swing district in 2012 and since being sworn into Congress, she has tirelessly fought to create jobs and to make sure all families get a fair chance to get ahead, not just get by. Elizabeth is committed to creating an economy that works for everyone. She’s supported an increase in the minimum wage, has fought for pay equity, and is a vocal advocate for women and families. She’s holding Republicans accountable in Washington and fighting partisan gridlock to get the results we need to move our country forward.

An advocate for children and victims of gun violence

In December 2012, Newtown, Connecticut was the site of a tragic school shooting that cost the lives of 20 children and six adults. Newtown is in Elizabeth’s district and as a mother and a Congresswoman, she has been a leader and advocate for families and victims of by gun violence.  She has supported sensible gun safety policies like enhanced criminal background checks, reinstating the federal assault weapons ban and prohibiting high capacity magazines as well as a commitment to mental health services. 

A commitment to policies that work for all

Soon after arriving in Washington, Elizabeth got right to work. She focused on bipartisan, common sense policies like eliminating duplicative and outdated government reports , preventing drastic increases in premiums for flood insurance  and passing critical mental health services for our veterans. Elizabeth needs the support of the entire EMILY’s List community in order to defend this seat and continue fighting for common sense reforms.  


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