Attention GOP, we’ve got the pro-choice Democratic women gearing up to fight back against your backwards, anti-women agenda. Consistently vote against legislation that would help women’s economic equality or protect women’s reproductive rights? Yet to join as a VAWA cosponsor? Consider yourself On Notice. Take a look at these extreme Republicans who refuse to do what’s best for women and families in their districts. 

Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-03)

Rep. Scott Tipton is no friend to women. Not only did he vote to redefine rape and to defund Planned Parenthood -- he also voted to allow hospitals to deny abortion care with no exception for emergency situations. His refusal to stand up for the women in his district makes him wrong for Colorado’s Third.

Rep. David Valadao (CA-21)

Rep. David Valadao is a backer of the Ryan Budget. The budget that would have ended Medicare as we know it, repealed the Affordable Care Act – and cut funding from Medicaid and the food stamp program. Women and families in California’s Twenty-First district deserve better.

Rep. John Kline (MN-02)

On fair pay, domestic violence prevention, and reproductive health care, Rep. John Kline has consistently stood in the way. He cosponsored the House version of the Blunt amendment, which would allow employers and insurance companies to refuse coverage of any health care service based on “religious beliefs or moral convictions.” Kline also cosponsored HR 217 prohibiting federal family planning assistance from going to groups which provide referrals for or perform abortions. His extreme right-wing votes have no place in the House.

Rep. Joe Heck (NV-03)

Proudly anti-choice, Rep. Joe Heck voted for the “Protect Life Act” also known as the “Let Women Die” bill, voted for a House resolution to defund Planned Parenthood – and voted against increasing funding for violence against women prevention programs. He has proven that he is not an advocate for the women in Nevada’s Third district.

Rep. Tom Latham (IA-03)

From funding to protect women from domestic violence, to equal pay for women, Rep. Tom Latham has a firmly anti-woman record. He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, refusing to stand up for a woman’s right to be paid equally. His priorities lie with his extreme, right-wing friends rather than with the thousands of American women whose reproductive rights he voted to restrict.

Rep. Tom Reed (NY-23)

Rep. Tom Reed consistently votes to restrict women’s access to reproductive health care. He cosponsored the House version of the Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed insurers and employers to cut off coverage of any health care they disagreed with on moral or religious grounds. He also joined Rep. Kline in cosponsoring HR 217. Reed should not be making health care decisions for the women in his district.

Chris Christie (NJ-Gov)

New Jersey’s women and families need to know that Chris Christie is not on their side. His budget cuts targeted poor and working families and he vetoed equal pay legislation. And Christie’s record on women’s and family health is no better. Proudly anti-choice, he eliminated millions of dollars of funding for family planning organizations and vetoed an attempt to restore it. This GOP extremist is just plain wrong for New Jersey.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02)

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito says that she’s committed to ending domestic violence but has yet to sign on as a VAWA cosponsor. What has she done? Voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, Paycheck Fairness in 2008, and the Equal Pay Bill in 2007. She also cosponsored the House version of the extreme Blunt Amendment, which would have allowed employers to dictate their employee’s health care. The women and families of West Virginia’s certainly deserve a better record than this. 

Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13)

Rep. Davis pals right up with his extreme, right-wing friends on this list. He cosponsored HR 217 – a bill that would keep Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funding. Davis is not a cosponsor of Paycheck Fairness and Equal Pay or VAWA. Women and families in Illinois 13th district deserve a lot better. 

Rep. Gary Miller (CA-31)

Rep. Gary Miller is no friend to legislation that would help women and families. He voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009, the Paycheck Fairness Act in 2008, and the Equal Pay Bill in 2007. Miller is not the advocate that the over 360,000 women in his district need, he is the wrong choice for California’s 31st district. 

Rep. Dan Webster (FL-10)

From voting against increasing funding for violence against women prevention programs to voting against preventing higher health insurance costs for women and children, Rep. Daniel Webster has a long record of anti-woman antics. He’s proven time and again that he’s not committed to protecting the health and well-being of women and families in Florida’s 10th Congressional district. 


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