August 21, 2012

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GOP: Todd Akin, He’s Just Like Us! Republican Congressmen Voting Records are Indistinguishable from Akin’s

WASHINGTON – Republicans across the country are rushing to denounce their colleague, Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, for suggesting that some rapes are “legitimate” – implying that others aren’t. But House Republicans already voted for a bill that said exactly that. Over 200 House Republicans co-sponsored H.R. 3 at the beginning of 2011, which tried to redefine rape so some mattered more than others. But the Akin-similarity doesn’t end there.

“I wish Todd Akin’s backwards thinking made him an outlier,” said EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock. “But the truth is, he’s totally in line with today’s Republican Party. EMILY’s List is offering women voters a compelling alternative, with strong Democratic women running for House and Senate all over the country. And the Republican representatives they’re looking to replace have voting records virtually indistinguishable from Todd Akin’s. Today’s GOP is a party of extremists, from the Romney-Ryan ticket on down, and women are going to reject their anti-woman agenda this November at the ballot.”

According to Open Congress, the following House members have voted with Akin consistently, including on H.R. 3. And every single one of them is being challenged by a strong pro-choice Democratic woman who will fight for the priorities that protect women across America.

Bobby Schilling (IL-17) has voted with Akin 90% of the time

Jon Runyan (NJ-03) has voted with Akin 88% of the time

Joe Walsh (IL-08) has voted with Akin 89% of the time

Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) has voted with Akin 78% of the time

Frank Guinta (NH-01) has voted with Akin 93% of the time

Charlie Bass (NH-02) has voted with Akin 82% of the time

Steve King (IA-04) has voted with Akin 94% of the time

Bill Young (FL-13) has voted with Akin 87% of the time

Daniel Webster (FL-10) has voted with Akin 93% of the time

Mike Turner (OH-10) has voted with Akin 86% of the time

Bob Gibbs (OH-07) has voted with Akin 93% of the time

Jim Renacci (OH-16) has voted with Akin 89% of the time

Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) has voted with Akin 95% of the time

Similarities extend to the top of the ticket, where Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan enjoys a 93% score voting with Rep. Akin.

To see shared votes, here is the link to the Open Congress head to head comparison tool:



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