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Do Democratic women in Congress make a difference? After looking at the data, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, data shows that Democratic women have been the most progressive voting bloc in Congress for over 20 years. From Equal Pay to Title IX to Access to Women’s Healthcare, Democratic women have had an unmistakable influence on the outcome of national policy. Use the tools and see firsthand how Democratic women have positively impacted the lives of women and families.

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Title IX of the Educational Amendments of

Signed into law by President Richard Nixon on June 23, 1972. The law prohibited sex discrimination in any education program or activity at a school that received any federal assistance

Women's Educational Equality Act

Legislation would make education more equitable for girls and women by providing incentives and financial assistance to schools and groups. Key priorities of the legislation have included Title IX compliance and educational equity for racial and ethnic minorities and women and girls with disabilities. [HR 208; WEEA Equity Resource Center]

Title IX Regulations

Unless the Senate and House adopted concurrent resolutions to disapprove of them, Title IX regulations were set to become effective as law.

Civil Rights Restoration Act

On March 22, 1988 after overriding a veto by President Reagan, the Civil Rights Restoration Act became law. The legislation mandated that all educational institutions which received any type of federal funding, direct or indirect, were bound by Title IX regulations. [S 557]

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

In September 1993, Senator Mosley Braun sponsored the legislation that stated that any coeducational institution of higher education that participated in any federal student financial aid program and had an intercollegiate athletics program must disclose information including an annual report on athletic participation, staffing, and revenues and expenses by men's and women's teams. [HR 921; S 1468]

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Lower court ruled that Brown University illegally discriminated against female athletes. Brown University maintained that they did not discriminate because women were less interested in sports than men.

Higher Education Opportunity Act

The legislation reauthorized and extended the Higher Education Act of 1965, and provided the authority for programs conducted by the Office of Post Secondary Education, including requirements related to equity in athletics disclosure. [HR 4137; S 1642]

Infant Formula Act

The legislation established FDA controls to ensure nutritional content and safety for formula. [HR 6940]

1986 Childhood Vaccine Act

The Childhood Vaccine act established safety standards for vaccinations. It requires patient information on vaccines, gives FDA authority to recall biologics, and authorizes civil penalties. [FDA]

Title X (Title Ten) of the Housing and Community Development Act

The legislation enacted a number of important changes that shift the focus of Federal requirements from responding to lead-poisoned children to actions that address lead-based paint hazards and reduce the risk that children will be poisoned. [HR 5334]