Election 2012: Women Voters Embrace Democrats, Reject the GOP

EMILY’s List unveiled the results of new polling conducted after the 2012 election by Grove Insight. The research shows clearly that women voters not only rejected the Republican agenda, they were motivated to vote for Democratic women and they believe the historic numbers of Democratic women will make a difference in Washington.

"This election was really about women, it was about women voters, and it was about women candidates, and it was about women leaders." - EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock

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The Panelists:

EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock

"People know the importance of electing women and this is going to move our country forward. And women saw the GOP agenda and the harm it would it do to their rights and freedoms across the board. And they reacted by sending a group of people to Washington that they could trust."


Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

"[EMILY's List] put women in position to move the levers of power and our country is better for it. I am so grateful. I said all during the campaign to EMILY’s List that I wouldn’t be in the Senate in the first place without you, I sure as hell wouldn’t be back without you."


Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20), Democratic National Committee Chairwoman

"We have to double down in 2014. We have to make sure that we recruit more women to run for office. Because it’s not just a slogan of when women run they win, they do, and when women run, Democrats win.

Dee Dee Myers, Managing Director Glover Park Group and Former White House Press Secretary

“They brought it up. We Democrats did not go into this election cycle thinking ‘let’s run on choice and birth control.’ It didn’t occur to us.”

Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President for Policy, Advocacy, and Communications Planned Parenthood Action Fund

“This is the year women went viral…This is the year of the woman candidate, part two. This is the year of the younger woman. This is the year of the diverse woman. This is the year of women’s uteruses. A lot of different levels of women got involved…Now it’s about a whole lot of women participating in a whole lot of new ways.”

Ann Liston, Partner at Adelstein / Liston

“The younger women would say to me: ‘I can’t believe we’re talking about these issues that my mother talked to me about and beat the battles back in the 70s. How can this be an issue now today?’ And then we’d put the mothers in the seat and they’d say ‘I dealt with this 30 years ago.’ I can’t believe that this is coming back. And so from both sides of the age, generational gap, there was this bubble up of frustration and a rejection of the candidates and the policies from the past.”

Laura Reyes, Secretary-Treasurer AFSCME

“We made sure our members knew about the issues, were confident in explaining it to their communities, and made sure that they not only understood and went out to vote but they reached out their hand and brought other people with them.”


key findings from the women's monitor research:

EMILY's List asked women across the country about the election and this research shows that women not only rejected the GOP agenda, but also believe that democratic women will make a difference in Washington.

  • When we told respondents that an historic number of Democratic women had been elected, 56% thought that would make a positive difference in Congress’ priorities. Only 8 felt the opposite.

  • Women understood – and rejected – all aspects of the GOP agenda, we found that they were even more motivated to vote for a candidate. 76% of the women we polled reported voting for a candidate, only 16% said they’d voted against one.

  • More than any one issue, women were excited to vote for the candidate they thought had the right priorities.

To read the rest of the takeaways, please read the release.


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