Amazing Responses for Elizabeth Warren!

By Sarah Burris on
August 22, 2011

Friday we asked you to send your well wishes to encourage Elizabeth Warren to make it official and run for the U.S. Senate and you responded with gusto! Over 22,000 said you were behind her. We were excited watching those comments rolling in over the course of the afternoon and I wanted to share a few of them with you.

"Go get 'em, Elizabeth!!!! We know you have our backs, now we've got yours!"

"Ms. Warren, it would be wonderful if you ran for Senate- we really need more progressive voices in congress, and I know we can count on you to look after the middle class. Thank you!"

"We need more women like you in the Senate!! Your passion for fairness and your dedication to help the people in this country who need help the most is exactly what's needed. Please show Scott Brown how it should be done."

"You are such an outstanding advocate for the average American citizen and consumer that I would be thrilled to have you in the Senate. You are also an intelligent and courageous woman, and we need many more like you in Congress ! I am not from Massachusetts, but would do my small part to support your candidacy should you decide to run."

"You're female, a Democrat and the best person for the job!"

"Your wisdom, integrity, backbone, determination to assist the middle class, calm demeanor, willingness to negotiate, and extensive expertise make you the perfect Senatorial candidate! Thank you for your willingness to serve again!"

Don't stop now! Elizabeth needs to know that you have her back! Send her your message of support today!

And learn more about why Scott Brown is bad for women and families.


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