Robinson Jackson emphasizes importance of investing in women, small businesses

By Emily Wales on
October 26, 2009

Cheryle Robinson Jackson is campaigning at full speed in her Illinois Senate race, traveling across the state and letting voters know she has a plan for change.

Earlier this month, Cheryle traveled through Southern Illinois, meeting and talking with voters. The focus of her first stop in Carbondale? Helping women and small businesses.

"The way you make jobs in this environment is you've got to make certain that small businesses have the support that they need. They're watching big banks get bailed out when they can't get a loan," Cheryle said.

The solution, Cheryle says, is to give small businesses access to loans and technical assistance -- especially businesses owned by minorities and women.

That's a message Cheryle also shared as the keynote speaker at an event last week for the Greater Warren-Youngstown Urban League. Emphasizing the importance of investing in women, green jobs, and small businesses, Cheryle told the audience that bold ideas and dreaming big would be key to getting the economy back on track.


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