EMILY’s List to 5 GOP freshmen: You’re on notice

By Lisa McIntire on
April 5, 2011

Did they think we wouldn’t pay attention? Sorry, fellows – between your terrible, anti-woman records and talented Democratic women gearing up for 2012, you’re officially on notice. So who are these Republican freshmen who have given their constituents a major case of buyers’ remorse? Here’s a look some GOP congressmen whose seats are ripe for plucking by a pro-choice Democratic woman.

Cong. Charlie Bass, NH-02

We think Bass’s constituents won’t be very impressed with his vote for Pitt’s cruelly-named “Protect Life Act” (H.R. 358), which would in fact allow women to die if health care providers choose to deny a pregnancy termination that would save the life of the mother. There’s no two ways about it: supporting this bill is extreme, and it clearly has nothing to do with creating jobs or helping the economy. New Hampshire deserves a lot better.

Cong. Chip Cravaack, MN-08

While Minnesota families struggle in the tough economy, what’s Cong. Cravaack’s first priority after taking office? Forget job creation – it was redefining rape. Cravaack was an original co-sponsor of H.R. 3, which actually attempted to redefine rape and led to incredible outrage over such a crass, inhumane act toward survivors of sexual assault.

Cong. Paul Gosar, AZ-01

Putting ideology over the needs of his constituents, Gosar voted for the Pence Amendment, which aimed to completely defund Planned Parenthood. The Pence Amendment had nothing to do with abortion, which isn’t funded by the government under Title X – it was all about undermining the reproductive health and choice of women. Arizonans deserve cancer screenings, STI testing, and contraception – despite how Gosar votes.

Cong. Joe Heck, NV-03

Along with many of his fellow GOP freshmen on notice, Heck has been focusing on divisive culture war issues that harm women. He became a co-sponsor of Cong. Chris Smith’s now notorious H.R. 3, which attempted to redefine rape, and he also voted for the Pence Amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. Women in Nevada’s third district need a leader who will protect their health and well-being – not undermine it.

Cong. Allen West, FL-22

Mr. West voted for H.R. 1, the House Republicans’ budget that’s vehemently anti-woman and anti-family – it would cut funding for prenatal care, completely defund family planning, make it harder for low-income women to afford a college education, and wreak havoc with Social Security and Medicare. We think the families of the 22nd district in Florida need someone to advocate for them, not decimate the social safety net.


EMILY’s List Puts 5 GOP Freshmen “On Notice”


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