News of Note: Stabenow vs. Wall Street and Berkley vs. GOP Lies

By Sarah Burris on
August 31, 2011

  • Michigan: Stabenow tells farmers she is fighting for them as they beg leaders to continue the crop insurance program at the same level during the difficult weather seen this past year across the country.
    "Stabenow told about 300 people who attended the field hearing ... that she considers the farm bill a jobs bill because 16 million people work in agriculture. 'Agriculture has already taken substantial, and in my judgment, disproportionate cuts,' Stabenow said."

    As the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee Sen. Stabenow knows the needs of middle class families and the importance of protecting this vital part of our economy.

    At the same time, Republicans are lining up to take-on Stabenow in 2012 including former Rep. Pete Hoekstra who, this week, called for a repeal of the Wall Street reform package passed after the bank and mortgage collapse.

    "This is one area where you've got to hold the federal government back," said Hoekstra at a campaign event.

    The contrast could not be more clear. Sen. Stabenow is fighting for family farmers in her state and across the country. She’s working to protect their jobs while her opponent wants to protect Wall Street bankers. Debbie will need our help in 2012; learn more about Sen. Debbie Stabenow here.

  • North Carolina: This past week was a difficult one for North Carolinians, who were hit head on by Hurricane Irene. Governor Bev Perdue showed true leadership in the aftermath of the storm as her state is facing immense destruction. This leadership is exactly why EMILY's List supported her bid to become the first woman governor of NC in 2008, and it's why we’re fighting for her reelection in 2012. The stakes are incredibly high. If Bev doesn’t win in 2012, it is possible we will not have a single Democratic woman governor in office, and we can’t let that to happen. This week Politico ranked Governor Perdue's race among the top 10 to watch - and we hope you're watching too. Learn more about Gov. Bev Perdue and what you can do to help her.
  • Nevada: Did you catch the Republican Weekly Address this past week? It's ok - that's what you have us for! Nevada Senator Dean Heller's speech was riddled with rhetoric and lies according to the Examiner. The speech lambasts our side for using "scare tactics" saying that Republicans want to take your Medicare away. Um... I don't know if Heller missed Eric Cantor's proposal to gut Social Security and Medicare, but I'm pretty sure it's item one on the Republican Tea Party Agenda. Don't him get away with this! Heller will do anything to get elected to a full term, but we've got Congresswoman Shelley Berkley clipping his heels. Shelley has done so much in her past few cycles as a Representative and with her experience we can win another seat in the Senate, hold the Democratic majority, and add another great woman to Senate chamber Learn more about Rep. Shelley Berkley and what you can do to make sure she's Nevada's next U.S. Senator.
  • Massachusetts: Great piece from the Boston Globe on the energy and intelligence of Elizabeth Warren. We've known all along that Warren is a serious candidate, a serious leader, and serious about consumer protections that ensure the financial safety of our families as we navigate this tough economic road to recovery. In an amazing address earlier this year at the Chicago Humanities Festival, Elizabeth said about the Consumer Protection Agency
    "I’m going to keep driving for an agency …. Keep driving for an informed consumer … driving for someone who is going to say no matter how powerful the institution or not powerful, how much it figures out how to hide over in the corner and nobody can find .. or on the internet… all the different tricks! No! This is not going to work anymore. We’re going to make these markets work better and we’re going to make them work better for families. We are not going to have a repeat of the most recent financial crisis at least in the division of bringing down the American Family. We are not going to do this anymore. We are going to wind down the financial stress on middle class America.

    America’s middle class is in deep peril. I chose public service at this moment because I believe that Americans deserve better. We deserve a financial system that works. Not one that’s stacked against hard working families and that puts so much risk into the larger economy. We need rules that work for all of us. The recent financial crisis was a reckoning. A profound moral testing. Our security as a country rests on whether we can design a suitable set of laws that work not just for the powerful and the few, but for all of us."

    This is just one of the many reasons that Elizabeth Warren is not only a serious leader but also a serious candidate. Learn more about her and her campaign and find out what you can do to help this critical take back opportunity.

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