New Hampshire's fat cat problem

By Hilary Nachem on
October 12, 2010

In both of New Hampshire's congressional districts, right-wing fat cats continue pouring millions of dollars into smear campaigns against Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster. The spending is staggering. Last week alone, spending against Kuster topped $470,000. Yesterday, the Republican Party announced its pouring in $364,000 more against Shea-Porter. And the third-parties weighing in heavily are a virtual who's who of GOP financiers: from billionaire Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity, to the ultra-right Family Research Council, and the NFIB.

The Revere America group made headlines this week as the Nashua Telegraph printed a report from calling the group's ads misleading and full of "speculation masquerading as fact." And yesterday afternoon, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced they're calling for an investigation into allegations that the group is illegally coordinating with Shea-Porter's opponent.

With only 21 short days until voters head to the polls, we've all got to double-down for Ann and Carol. NPR reported today that enthusiasm is still lagging among women voters in the state – that's why EMILY's List WOMEN VOTE! is already at work in New Hampshire, putting proven techniques to work that will turn out the vote. Join us by clicking here to make an immediate contribution to the WOMEN VOTE! program.

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