News of Note: Warren, The War on Women, and Young Feminists

By Karyn Bruggeman and Traci Snyder on
September 21, 2011

Our Candidates

  • Massachusetts Senate Race: Elizabeth Warren for Senate Campaign Begins- Care (Jessica P.) Elizabeth Warren kicked off her Senate campaign last week. Care2’s Jessica wrote a great summary, re-enforcing why Warren is such an excellent candidate and why we’ve already given her our full support!
  • Warren takes lead on Brown- Public Policy Polling. And, to top it off- less than one week after announcing her candidacy, EMILY’s List candidate Elizabeth Warren is pulling ahead in the polls against the original Tea Party candidate Scott Brown. Go girl!
  • Have you seen Elizabeth Warren Take on the GOP's argument that the President's Job's plan is "class warfare?" Watch this:
  • Pre-Election Polls Underestimate the Success of Women Candidates- FiveThirtyEight, Nate Silver’s Political Calculus (John Sides) John Sides reports on a recent political polling study, which identifies what has been dubbed “the Ann Richards Effect,” regarding the accuracy of polling for women candidates. EMILY’s List works to help women candidates overcome obstacles like this. A great read for numbers aficionados and political junkies alike.

Women and National Politics

  • The Women in Poverty Epidemic, Visualized.-Ms. Blog (Sarah Richardson) The talk of the town last week was jobs, the economy and more jobs. An overlooked aspect, of course, was women. The National Women’s Law Center just released their analysis of the 2010 Census, and the numbers don’t look great for women. Sarah Richardson breaks down the analysis and underlying consequences for women and families.
  • Group Hopes To Determine Number of Untested Rape Kits-Jezebel (Margaret Hartmann) Jezebel is always a must-read for my morning blogging routine. Their coverage of all things feminist, sexist and regarding reproductive issues is a refreshing reminder of the unsung heroes of feminism. Perfect example: Yesterday’s post about rape kit backlogs, and a collection of New York activists trying to fix the problem.
  • Center Wants More Women to Run in ’12- Courier Press (Mizell Stewart III) An interview with Kathy Kleeman, a senior officer of the Center of American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, one of the country’s best resources on the study of women and politics, on why we need more women to run for office in 2012.
  • Hillary Clinton fights for end to sexism in the workplace- San Francisco Chronicle (Stacy Finz) Secretary of State and former EL alum Hillary Clinton made the case that the key to economic growth- both at home and abroad- lies with eliminating barriers to women’s full and equal economic participation. This will not only unleash women’s potential, but that of the economy. As with politics, “no society can thrive when half its people are left behind.”
  • Clinton’s Cause- The Daily Beast. To follow up, Clinton gave an interview to Newsweek going in depth on the data, policy, and perspective behind this. We’re proud to see Secretary Clinton, a former EMILY’s List candidate- take her commitment to women and girls to the international stage.


  • Gov. Perry cuts funds for women’s health in Texas- National Public Radio (Wade Goodwin) Unsurprisingly, Gov. Perry has cut funds for women's health in Texas. The Texas legislature cut funding for family planning clinics by 2/3, putting the future of 71 clinics in jeopardy. As you likely could have guessed, it’s not really about saving money. One republican legislator described it, joyfully, as “a war on birth control and abortions.” Terrifying. Read the full, appalling story on NPR.
  • Virginia Board of Health Passes Strictest Abortion Clinic Regulations in the Nation- The Huffington Post (Laura Basset) The Virginia Board of Health passed the strictest family planning clinic regulations in the country last week. The law attempts to regulate health clinics the same as hospitals and may force all 22 family-planning clinics in the state to close. Sound familiar? Well, Governor Bob McDonnell is a GOP favorite and possible VP pick. GOP Presidential hopeful Perry went on a fundraising tour throughout Virginia last week, and this potential duo would present an agenda toxic to women’s health nation-wide.
  • CNN Poll Shows Americans Still Believe In Choice- RH Reality Check (Robin Marty) Despite many recent set-backs for women’s health, a CNN poll shows that a majority of Americans still support a woman’s right to choose. This serves as a stark reminder that on yet another issue, anti-choice Republicans are not acting in step with the beliefs of the majority of Americans, but simply for political gain.

Just for Fun

  • Hands Off: My first feminist action.-Rookie (Miranda July) Miranda July guest blogs for Tavi’s new site, Rookie Mag! For those not familiar with Tavi Gevison, well, start paying attention! Tavi started as a fashion blogger at the tender age of 13, and has developed into a wonder-kid media extraordinaire. Tavi is a proclaimed feminist, and a future leader of the next generation of strong, successful, feminist women. Miranda July is an accomplished actress and filmmaker. Check out her reflections on becoming a feminist.
  • Need another reason to fall in love with Tavi? Still doubting that young feminists really get it? How about this: I Was a Teenage Activist: The amazingly true stories of five young women who make teenage girls everywhere look good.-Rookie (Sady)


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