Steve King: sure, I’ll debate – the candidate’s husband, that is

By Lisa McIntire on
April 28, 2011

Well, here we go: you know campaign season has truly started once the backwards, sexist comments start coming out of GOP candidates’ mouths. Congratulations to Cong. Steve King for kicking things off with a bang! After saying that it’s too early to speculate about running against Christie Vilsack, King went on to do just that: he made a variety of digs at Christie, trying to imply she doesn’t have Iowa roots (of course, she does – in spades) and that she’s “inexperienced” and has no “track record” (again, nope!).

Then King goes for the gold: he won’t commit to debating Christie (the one who's actually running against him), but if her husband’s available – well, that changes things! First of all: you know, he’s a guy. Debating with a lady? No thanks! Plus, King has already debated Tom Vilsack, so he’d prefer not to mix things up by debating the person he’ll actually run against. What would the point of that be? I suppose it might be informative to voters, but seeing as King has continually refused to debate his opponents, why start now? King will stick with the guy he’s not running against, thank you kindly.

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