By Marcy Stech, National Press Secretary on April 11, 2014
Earlier today, Republicans advanced their anti-woman agenda by voting to block the advance of the Paycheck Fairness Act in the Senate.  While this development may not be shocking, it is certainly appalling for American women who face a daily struggle to make ends meet for their families.    Today’s vote underscores the greatest difference between the Democratic and Republican agendas, and this debate showcases the impact of the EMILY’s List Democratic women Senators, who have long championed the fight to end the gender
By Marcy Stech, National Press Secretary on April 11, 2014
On Equal Pay Day, the call to end gender discrimination in pay is dominating the campaign trail.    From California to Massachusetts and Wisconsin to Hawaii, nearly every single EMILY’s List-endorsed candidate for Senate, Congress and Governor has brought equal pay to the forefront to draw contrast with Republican candidates, who continue to stand in the way of progress for women and families.    Speaking from personal experience or talking about the impact the gender pay gap has on their constituency, our
By Stephanie Schriock on March 24, 2014
TO:         Interested Parties FR:          Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List RE:          MEMO: This week, a turning point in equal pay DA:         Monday, March 24, 2014
By Sean Wagman on January 17, 2014
Check out this great article featuring a few of fabulous EMILY's List women! Women are wielding notable influence in Congress By Ed O’Keefe, Published: January 16
By Jess McIntosh on January 8, 2014
2014 is here and the Election Day is just 10 months out. Are you ready to defeat anti-women Republicans and replace them with pro-choice Democratic women? We are too! Take a look at our 2014 agenda. And then take a moment to share it far and wide to help rally support for our Democratic women candidates! 1. Take Back the House
By Kelsey Donohue on September 10, 2013
Another summer has come and gone. And Congress has returned to Washington from their annual summer vacation. But don't worry, the GOP didn't take a day off from attacking women's rights (shocking!) while they were gone. It's been a crazy couple of months, which is why we wanted to compile a quick update. So, here is some News From The Field. Enjoy!  Hey Team Mitch: Calling Alison Lundergan Grimes "an empty dress" is NOT how you win women
By Alison McQuade on August 21, 2013
1. It’s Mitch’s way or the highway. During a 2005 CNBC interview, McConnell boastfully proclaimed, “I’ve been a proud guardian of gridlock myself, and I support that nothing for legislation.” 2. His priorities are all wrong.
By Katie Naymon on August 4, 2013
In June, the nation watched in awe as this Texas State senator stood to give Texas women a voice and push back on the extreme Republican agenda to restrict women’s health. Those 11 hours put her in the spotlight as a national champion for women and families. But we know Wendy Davis has been a rising star long before she slipped into those pink sneakers. Here’s why:
By Katie Naymon on July 25, 2013
If we want a House that puts people before politics and solutions before stalemates, we need to put the speaker’s gavel back into Nancy Pelosi’s hands. And the #1 way that we can take back the House is to elect more pro-choice Democratic women in 2014. That’s why we have our “On The List” candidates—these women are all smart, tough leaders who have tackled diverse challenges in their communities. And this week, we’re proud to have put six new rising star congressional candidates “On the List.”
By Katie Naymon and Evan Goldstein on July 12, 2013
Check out all of the great buzz EMILY’s List has been getting this past week! Our fearless leader Stephanie Schriock is the subject of a new profile from POLITICO. The piece talks about Stephanie’s experience running campaigns and electing Democrats to office, as well as the immense impact she’s had on EMILY’s List and how that’s made her an incredibly well-respected leader:  
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