By Katie Naymon and Evan Goldstein on
June 6, 2013
Last year, when Republican candidates launched an all-out assault on women’s rights, we fought back, turning out in record numbers to protect the progress we’ve made.  But it turns out the party that brought us Todd Akin wasn’t done yet, and this week the GOP showed their true colors again.  Check out some of the highlights below, and SHARE with your friends if you’re as outraged as we are.
Can’t get enough?  Here are some more of the absolutely ridiculous comments that Republicans have made lately:
And the most troubling thing?  These aren’t gaffes.  This is what Republicans actually believe.  They would take us back to the 1950s, and that’s why all of us, women and men, need to come together like we did in 2012 and tell Republicans we’re not buying it.  

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