EMILY's List introduces "Madam President"

By Fiona Cahill on
May 2, 2013

Women have made enormous strides in the past thirty years. We now comprise eighteen percent of Congress. This year, for the first time, we have the chance to elect women mayors of some of America’s largest cities. But we still don’t have enough women leaders pushing for issues that already dominate our national discourse – health care, equal pay – and we have yet to break through the final glass ceiling and put a woman at the top of the Democratic ticket and into the Presidency. This is why today we are launching “Madam President,” our campaign to put a woman in the White House.

Electing a woman president in 2016 isn’t just important for the present. It’s important for the future. It’s important because right now, women are considerably less likely to even consider running for office. A woman in the Oval Office would be final proof that for women, becoming a leader is not only something that’s possible. It’s something that’s positive, something young women and girls can and should strive for.
America is ready to elect a woman president. The energy is here. We have many strong, qualified women who are ready to break this last glass ceiling, and EMILY’s List wants to see one of them on the Democratic ticket in 2016. As EMILY's List President Stephanie Schriock said, we need to “create a nation where women’s leadership isn’t the exception, it’s the rule.” 
P.S. Make sure to watch and share our launch video!


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