BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren files exploratory committee

By Kim Loewen on
August 19, 2011

I wanted to share this note from our EMILY's List President, Stephanie Schriock about consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth has made some exciting news in the Bay State. Read Stephanie's report:

I've got some incredible news for you. Just yesterday, consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren filed an exploratory committee for the United States Senate in Massachusetts. Elizabeth is a champion for working women and men, taking on credit card companies and fighting back against predatory lending practices.  

You and I both know what's at stake here -- holding our razor thin majority in the Senate, taking back a seat from the GOP -- and of course, sending a great voice for everyday Americans to the Senate.  

Let’s show Elizabeth Warren that our EMILY's List community is behind her -- tell Elizabeth that if she runs for U.S. Senate, we’ve got her back.

If we're going to beat Scott Brown in 2012 (and I don't know about you, but I really want to send him packing), we're going to need a candidate who understands the real struggles that working families are facing in Massachusetts. Elizabeth has the chops to do it. She's a tireless advocate for consumer rights, and she fought for and created a new team in government to protect families from corporate abuse. I have no doubt she'll bring that same tenacity to the U.S. Senate.

Elizabeth is poised to make a run in this critical race, and she's just the candidate to take on Scott Brown, a bait-and-switch tea-partying Republican whose pockets are lined with millions.

If you want Elizabeth to get into this race, then click here to tell her she's got your support, today!

Thank you for all you do.

Stephanie Schriock

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