Canvassing on E-Day Reminder all Should Volunteer!

By Sarah Pierz on
November 10, 2011
emily slist volunteers

Karyn, Sarah, and Miriam volunteering on Election Day in Virginia.

Tuesday I had the opportunity to Get Out The Vote for Pamela Danner’s campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates. Two of my fellow interns and I headed out to Fairfax County to knock on doors and make sure people were getting to the voting booth.

We spent most of our day in highly competitive districts with populations split between Republicans and Democrats nearly evenly, so it was key that Democrats made it to their polling place. When I was out walking around in different neighborhoods I had the chance to meet a lot of impassioned local Democrats. They were more than happy to chat about ousting Republicans and their radical regimes from office, and I was too.

It was a great reminder to get out in the field and see why EMILY’s List does what it does. Elections are a true example of a government ‘for the people and by the people’. Elections need people: people to vote and people to volunteer. It may not seem like much to knock on doors, and truthfully, it’s not. It’s a pretty easy job and a great way to spend a day out in the sunshine. Even though it’s an easy job to do, it’s an important one. When Election Day rolls around, that reminder can make all the difference.

It was my first ever canvassing experience and the greatest take-away I had from the day was the impact volunteers can have on a campaign. Off-cycle and down ballot elections may not get top billing in the news, but these are the lawmakers who tend to have the greatest impact on your daily life. Pamela’s campaign focused on education policy, protecting the environment, and protecting a woman’s right to choose. These are the kinds of issues that affect women and families every day. Getting involved in these campaigns, even, and especially, as a volunteer can make a huge difference. EMILY’s List is a great way to find candidates who believe in the same things you do; get involved in their campaigns and join Team EMILY. I can say from experience, you will not regret it.

Although Pamela’s election didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, I was honored to be a part of the process, even just for the day.

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