Another special election, another opportunity: EMILY's List recommends Suzanne Bonamici

By Karyn Bruggeman on
September 19, 2011

In another special election, we have a tremendous opportunity to elect a pro-choice Democratic woman. We're happy to announce that Suzanne Bonamici, a dedicated advocate for women and families, has moved from "On the List" to a full recommendation. When the call for a special election in Oregon's first Congressional district arrived just one month ago, Bonamici enthusiastically took the opportunity. We are ready to do whatever it takes to help her win, and she faces her first hurdle in the fast-approaching November 8th primary.

Suzanne comes from modest roots. Her grandfather was injured on the job during his time as a coal miner and auto plant worker, and his experiences inspired Suzanne to pursue lifelong work that addressed the concerns of hardworking members of the middle class. She is a diligent, unwavering protector of women and families, and is committed to promoting an economy in Oregon and nationwide that "not only survives, but thrives."

After working her way from community college all the way through law school, she served at the county legal aid office, before serving as an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. There, she fought against unfair credit practices. As an Oregonian she's been active in her children's public school system and served on the board of the Beaverton Education Foundation. Suzanne was elected to the state house in 2007 and -- no stranger to special elections -- was then appointed and elected in 2008 to her current state Senate seat. Then in 2011, she was elected Assistant Majority Leader in the state Senate. Suzanne has been endorsed by former Oregon governor and EMILY's List alum Barbara Roberts, who is the only woman to ever hold the office of Governor in Oregon. If she's elected, Suzanne would become the only woman in Oregon's congressional delegation.

So let’s help this rising star continue to shine, and help take her commitment to the middle class, women, and families to the U.S. House of Representatives!

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