Yes, We Can…Get Crazier

By Alison McQuade on
February 22, 2012

Last week, Rep. Joe Walsh said that the ongoing birth control debate is “not about women.”

Well, let me check my reproductive organs, but I think it is.

Now, Michele Bachmann says that Republicans aren’t anti-women, but rather, Obama’s health care policies are.

Sure, the Republican Party isn’t anti-woman, unless those women want access to basic health care or want to testify to Congress about their own health and bodies.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live took a swipe at the birth control Man Panel during one of my favorite Weekend Update segments, REALLY!?! With Seth and Amy. Responding to Foster Friess’s suggestion that women’s go-to method of birth control should be putting aspirin between their knees, Seth Meyers said, “Do you really want to start a discussion of health care with ‘When I was young…’ When you were young, people died of polio.” Similarly, Jon Stewart put together his own Man Panel.

This is all good fodder for the comedians and the late night shows, and I’ll be the first to laugh about it and post it all on Facebook. But the important thing to remember is that even though we laugh at the absurdity, this is true. Real people, real candidates, real elected officials (who make our laws) feel this way. And that’s not funny.

Yesterday, we went live on TV with an ad to rally women together to say that it’s not ok when five men testify to Congress on what’s “best” for women. 2012 is a huge opportunity for us to elect more pro-choice Democratic women to office to make sure this doesn’t happen again. If you haven’t seen our ad, please take 30 seconds to watch it and share it with your friends.

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