Gloria Negrete McLeod: Strong Qualified Leader

By Sarah Burris on
November 10, 2011

We’ve talked a lot this week about the EMILY’s List Political Opportunity Program and the great candidates we currently have moving up the political pipeline. California state Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod is a perfect example of another strong, qualified leader working to change the face of politics, and EMILY’s List is excited to put her "On the List!"

The newly created 35th congressional district in California includes the majority of the district that Gloria has served throughout her distinguished career in public service. Indeed, nearly 90% of the 35th district is her Senate district – and it includes her hometown! From the moment Gloria saw the new district, she said “I’m in, I’m in, I’m in, I’m in!"

Touting nearly four decades of community involvement, Gloria is such a trusted leader that she garnered more than 60% of the vote in her first Assembly election in 2000 and her first State Senate election in 2006. She’s raised her children in the district, was President of the Chaffey Community College Board, and spent her career in public service fighting for education. She’s also been an advocate for access to affordable health care – particularly in the area of mental health.

It has been particularly important over the past few years to have had Gloria working for the people of California. While we’ve seen Republican attacks on worker rights in states across the country, Gloria has been an ally to teachers, firefighters, and police officers in California. Her husband was a former police lieutenant, and she knows firsthand how those pensions contribute to the bottom line in family budgets. That’s why she sits on the Public Employment and Retirement Committee and has authored several bills this session relating to public employees.

Gloria has also been a strong advocate for women. As the chair of the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, she has worked to ensure that all elected women are unified in the fight to help women and families during these tough times. She also serves on the board of the State of California’s Commission on the Status of Women that exists to advocate for the women and girls of California. The Commission creates a public policy agenda that shows unique ways the state and private sector businesses can better serve the needs of women and families.

We’re lucky to have someone like Gloria Negrete McLeod running for Congress. Since she announced, Cong. Joe Baca, who represents just barely half of the new district, announced that he will also be running in the Democratic primary election. We know Gloria can win, and her proven track record shows she can get things done for the people of this new district. This is without a doubt something we could use in Washington today!

Learn more about Gloria Negrete McLeod and help her run and win in June and November!

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