Corrupt Scott Brown Calls for Stop of Corruption

By Sarah Burris on
December 2, 2011

Thursday, Scott Brown had an op-ed in the Boston Herald voicing his disgust with lawmakers who benefit financially from policies on which they are passing laws. "I've always thought legislators should live by the same laws that govern everyone else. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case," Brown said.

Funny he mentions that, because Senator Scott Brown directly impacts issues pertaining to the banking and oil industries - both of which he holds stock in. According to his personal financial disclosure documents, Brown holds some substantial stock in Bank of America, Exxon Mobile, and GE.

This is particularly interesting because as a U.S. Senator, Brown worked to convince lawmakers that they should drop a $19 billion tax on hedge funds and big banks that would have paid for the provisions in the 2010 financial reform. As Ezra Klein said,

"So rather than a bank tax, which Scott Brown worried would take capital out of the banking system, we're going to drop part of the TARP program that was ... putting capital into the banking system. And rather than making big banks and big hedge funds foot the bill, FDIC fees will be hiked so that small banks have to pay in but hedge funds don't."

Just a few weeks ago, the League of Conservation Voters launched an ad campaign in Massachusetts accusing Brown of having an unethical relationship with big oil companies. The ad says "Brown sided with big oil -- taking thousands from oil companies just weeks before he voted to keep their special tax breaks. And Brown voted repeatedly against protecting our environment and public health."

More specifically, Brown voted against ending $21 billion in tax breaks from oil companies. $21 billion that could have gone into our economy, helped rebuild our infrastructure, or pay down our debt. Brown said no on S. 940 at the same time that he was profiting from stock in Exxon Mobile.

Now that Brown is running against one of the loudest advocates for the middle class in the country, he's trying to seem mainstream. Posting op-eds that claim everyone in Congress is corrupt when he himself is corrupt isn't the way to convince Massachusetts voters that he can be trusted with our tax dollars. His support of the STOCK Act, which he signed to co-sponsor before Thanksgiving, is just an attempt to rebrand himself as "good government." The Huffington Post reports

"since Brown has been a longtime shareholder in all three companies, any legislative efforts that boosted the value of those stocks would not run afoul of the new rules included in his bill. A spokesman for Brown agreed that the bill would not curb members of Congress from voting on provisions that affect companies they have a stake in."

This is just another of the many reasons that we MUST have Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate. With her we not only have ethics but accountability. With Scott Brown all we have is a Senator trying to make a buck off of his influence.

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